Cell Type
FlexCell supports following cell types: TextBox, ComboBox, CheckBox, Calendar, Time, Button, HyperLink, BarCode.
Grid with ComboBox, CheckBox, Calendar, Button, TextBox and HyperLink

By using OwnerDraw mode, you can create TreeGrid in your application.

SQL Server Enterprise Management
You can perform data validation in LeaveCell event, if any input error, it is not allowed to leave the current cell. Icon can be shown in the fixed column.
SQL Enterprise Management

You can configure a grid template in Designer and save it to flx or xml file, then open it by using OpenFile methed. In this way programming workload can be reduced.
Grid Designer

Print Preview
All properties relevant to print and page setup are in the PageSetup object. You can show the Print Preview window with a single statement:
Chart PrintPreview

Property Box
You can set different cell types in the same column, expand or collapse nodes.
Property Grid