FlexCell Grid Control for .NET 6.0

  1. Removed a bug of CheckBox.
  1. Added Grid.AdditionalSettings property.
  1. Added Grid.BackColorFilter property and AfterCheckNode event.
  2. Added FlexTree.CheckBoxes property and Node.Checked property.
  1. Added Grid.AllowFilter property, Demo10 is an example.
  2. Added Grid.AutoEllipsis property.
  3. Added Grid.CellPadding property.
  4. Added Grid.ExportHiddenCells property.
  5. Added Grid.AddItem(TreeNodeLevel, Text, ImageKey) method.
  6. Added ApplyFilter event.
  7. Added PrintButtonClick event.
  8. Added FlexTree, Node and Nodes objects.
  9. Added Row.SetText method.
  10. Added Node.Row property.
  11. Added new fixed cell style.
  12. Improved the appearance of the PageSetup window.
  13. Changed the appearance of the calendar control.
  14. Changed the appearance of the print preview window.
  15. Sped up the PrintPreview method.
  1. Added Grid.AutoScale property.
  2. Added Grid.AllowNew property.
  3. Added Grid.SelectWholeCell property.
  4. Added Grid.ScrollBarStyle property and Grid.BackColorScrollBar property.
  5. Added Grid.RemoveSort method.
  6. Added Row.Tag property.
  7. Added Column.Name and Column.Tag property.
  8. Added ComboBox.ToolStripDropDown property, Demo1 is an example.
  9. Added ImageComboBoxItem.Value property.
  10. Added Linear Gradient fixed cell style.
  11. Changed the encoding of flx file to Unicode.
  1. Released a new version that supports .NET6.